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Case Analysis

CCW Safe To Host Force Science Institute Train The Trainer Class For Local Law Enforcement Agencies

CCW Safe is proud to host the prestigious Force Science Institute in Oklahoma City for their Realistic De-Escalation...

Case Analysis

VIDEO – The Stephen Maddox Case: How it Happened In His Own Words

Stephen Maddox is a CCW Safe Member that was assaulted multiple times by an attacker and was forced to defend himself....


Carry Trainer S-12 After Action Review

CCW Safe Critical Incident Coordinator Gary Eastridge recently attended the S-12 Training Conference...


1st Annual Guardian Conference presented by CCW Safe

CCW Safe is proud to present the 1st Annual Guardian Conference September 17th-19th, 2021 in...


VIDEO: Anatomy of a Critical Incident Response

CCW Safe Co-Founder and General Counsel Kyle Sweet speaks with CCW Safe Critical Incident Coordinator Gary Eastridge...


CCW Safe Podcast- Episode 64 Brandishing

This week National Trial Counsel Don West, Critical Response Coordinator Gary Eastridge and Critical Response Team...