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Author: Don West

Don West

The Next Fight- The Verdict

With only few examples, a jury verdict has to be unanimous. In the jury deliberation, the jury can look at evidence,...

Don West

The Next Fight- Closing Arguments

In the closing arguments, both sides will have the opportunity to address the jury, with the prosecutor going first,...

Don West

The Next Fight- Defense Witnesses

Don talks about about defense witnesses and experts in various fields, such as use of force...

Don West

The Next Fight- Direct And Circumstantial Evidence

Circumstantial evidence is that in combination with other evidence can be used to prove a fact, but requires some...

Don West

The Next Fight-Presentation of Evidence

The presentation of evidence starts with Direct Examination. Leading questions are not allowed during direct...

Don West

The Next Fight- Opening Statements

Opening statements are compared to the roadmap of the...