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Category: Don West

Don West

The Next Fight- The Bond Hearing

Bail is set by a judge, and on a serious crime, such as murder I or II, or even manslaughter, especially where a gun...

Don West

The Next Fight with Don West- Choosing Your Attorney

Don talks about the right to counsel as a fundamental right. Everyone facing criminal charges has right to counsel,...

Don West

The Next Fight- Being Formally Charged

Don talks about the pre trial process, indictments, grand jury, and the...

Don West

The Next Fight- Interacting With Police During An Arrest

Being respectful and polite will establish you as such, that you can control your emotions, and suggests that your...

Don West

The Next Fight- Police Search After Shooting

Don talks about search warrants, consent to search, and the legality of search. Should you consent to...

Don West

Discussions with Don: On Attorneys

Kyle Sweet, Co-Founder and General Counsel for CCW Safe, and Don West, National Trial Counsel for CCW Safe, have a...