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In Self Defense

The Zach Peters Case Part 3: A Textbook 911 Call

On March 27, 2017, Zach Peters found himself making an extraordinary 911 call he probably never imagined he’d have to...

In Self Defense

The Zach Peters Case Part 2: Is an AR-15 Appropriate for Home Defense?

Zach Peters was armed with an AR-15, and after a tense exchange of words, he fired at the intruders and then retreated...


Inside CCW Safe Podcast-Episode 35: Warrior’s Rest feat. Brad Shepherd

This week Stan and Mike talk with Brad Shepherd, co-founder and CEO of Warrior's Rest. Brad served over 27 years with...



The ability to clearly see the front sight of the handgun goes a long way towards being able to shoot accurately and...


New HR218 Plans Available!

The CCW Safe HR218 plan was developed specifically for active, retired, and former law enforcement officers that meet...

In Self Defense

Self-Defense Presumptions – Zach Peters Case

Read our discussion of the Zach Peters case as it relates to presumptions of intended harm by home intruders and...