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Category: Don West

Don West

The Next Fight- Self Defense Immunity & Stand Your Ground Laws

Don West, National Trial Counsel for CCW Safe, continues The Next Fight, talking about two important concepts in self...

Don West

The Next Fight- Plea Bargains

For most uninformed people, plea bargaining is a dirty word. Without plea bargains the system would collapse under its...

Don West

The Next Fight- Discovery

Discovery is the exchange of information between the parties involved. In a self defense case, it would be between the...

Don West

The Next Fight- Investigating Your Case

A good, quality investigator will be instrumental in the development of your...

Don West

The Next Fight- First Court Appearance

Don talks about what to expect at your first appearance, about the public defenders office, and bail...

Don West

The Next Fight- Posting Bail

Bail is a security with the court that ensures that you will show up for future court. Bail can range from hundreds to...