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Glock 48 – Best Concealed Carry Pistol

Steve Moses discusses concealed carry handgun options, specifically the Glock 48 - ideal for concealed carriers. Also,...


The Rule Of Threes

Three yards, three rounds, three seconds. According to my friend, mentor, and master defensive firearms instructor Tom...


What If I Get Shot?

In the event that a lawful concealed carrier gets shot during an attempted robbery, carjacking, or similar event, the...


Let There Be Light!

I mentioned in a prior article that I have experienced an encounter with a burglar where initial contact took place in...


Where Is My Pistol?

“With power comes great responsibility”. The concealed carrier literally has the power of life or death over...


The Four Principals of Concealed Carry Commitment- Part 4: Judgement

In our series The Four Core Principles of Concealed Carriers, we’re exploring what I see as the most important...