What exactly does your service provide if I am involved in a shooting?

An immediate phone call to one of our attorneys starts the Critical Response Team.   The Critical Response Team, consisting of attorneys, investigators and administrators from CCW Safe will respond to your location and develop a Critical Response Plan to effectively deal with your incident.  The investigators will investigate the incident and the suspect in the case.  All interviews and statements will be scheduled by the Critical Response Team, as well as media requests.  All this, as well as any trial processes that may be involved, including administrative, criminal and civil, is included in your membership and there will be no out of pocket expenses to our members.  Even Retrial and appeals are covered.    We can provide this for such competitive pricing because we are a national company with members in over 40 states.

Will I know who my lawyer is ahead of time or is one assigned at time of need? What is the notification process?

CCWSafe values continuity amongst our defense panel. As such, we only use experienced attorneys that are resourced by at least a mid sized firm (approx. 8 lawyers). Our General Counsel selects attorneys and law firms who have the resources manpower wise to respond to these types of incidences. We try to avoid solo practitioners as it becomes unrealistic to have a reliable response. So…in the event of a use of force incident the critical response is initiated and the lawyers and investigators are contacted. It depends where you live and how many lawyers service that population base of members. Our panel members should not be contacted directly by members, only through the notification process in the event of a incident.

What should I say to authorities if involved in an incident?

CCW Safe advises it’s members to give a very brief statement including name and information, the fact that you were forced to defend yourself, or your family, and point out any suspects and witnesses, then to present their membership card to CCW Safe, and advise the authorities that they would like to assist in any way possible (with an official statement), but it should be coordinated through their legal representatives through the 800 number on the card.

What do I get with my membership?

Upon completing your payment for membership, your membership begins immediately. You will be taken to a page that includes a link to a CCW Safe printable temporary card that we recommended you print and carry with your concealed carry permit. You will receive a packet in the mail which will include your official membership card, your receipt and a brochure.  Your membership card ensures that you will have the peace of mind knowing that you will not have to seek second mortgages or declare bankruptcy if legal action is taken against you stemming from a self defense incident.

I am a security guard, can I get the LE plan?

To be qualified for our Law Enforcement plan, you have to be commissioned law enforcement or retired law enforcement.  If you are commissioned, please use your agency and commission number for your CCW license number while checking out.  If you are retired LE, please put your agency and retired credential number.  If you don’t have a retired credential number, you can email a copy of your retirement letter to support@ccwsafe.com.  For LE members, we are secondary only to on duty incidents.  Off duty incidents are fully covered. 

What is the difference between you and other insurance companies?

CCW Safe is not an insurance product.   Click here for a comparison to most other services or insurance products.  Most, if not all programs that are currently available, work on the insurance model.  For an annual fee, usually $120 to $250, you are are covered by a policy that is usually capped, or limited to a specific amount.  Some will not cover criminal matters, some will, but will not cover a trial.  To use these services, you must first spend your own money, or obtain a loan to pay for your defense, then submit claims for reimbursement.  Some policies only allow claims if you are found not guilty.  With CCW Safe, you will never have to spend your own money or obtain a loan to pay for your defense.  CCW Safe is a service product. therefore, we will provide the services associated with a lawsuit or trial.  Attorneys fees, investigator fees, expert witness fees, they are all covered by CCW Safe.

What states honor my permit?

You will need to refer to your own states reciprocity information. For example, if you live in Oklahoma and have a permit licensed in Oklahoma,  the following states will honor your permit:  Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming.   We recommend you visiting Handgunlaw.us for more information on state laws and how to find out which states have reciprocity with your issue state.

How is CCW Safe backed financially?

Our company was started with the financial resources of our founders capital investments in order to meet the needs of our members who may find themselves in a self defense incident. We are currently capitalized to the point where we can defend multiple actions annually.  We are a closely held business, and we have competitors, so we do not share our proprietary financial information. 

Will I be covered if I am on vacation in another state?

Yes, your membership covers you where ever your concealed permit is honored.  You need to be aware that your permit is not covered in all states, and you should check the link above if you plan to travel armed.

I was honorably discharged from the military, do I qualify for military membership?

While we greatly appreciate and respect your service to our country, membership under the Military/LE plan is reserved for active military and law enforcement, and retired military and law enforcement.  If you have medical retirement from either military or law enforcement, then you will also qualify for the plan. Active and retired military personnel must have a CCW license or permit.  Once you complete your membership purchase, please email a copy of either your DD-214, photocopy of your retired ID card or credentials, or a verification of service letter on command letterhead to support@ccwsafe.com

Where is the contract or terms of aggreement?

Our terms of service can be found on our terms page, or on each page describing our different memberships when you join. Also, when you click that you have read our terms of service when you check out, you can click the highlighted terms of service to view them.

What exactly do you consider a critical self defense incident?

A critical self defense incident is defined by CCW Safe as any self defense incident where you are in imminent danger of fear great physical harm to yourself, your family, or others, and have to use deadly force with a firearm or other weapon in order to defend yourself or your family, or others if legal, from that threat. Our services are designed to defend you from criminal, civil or administrative actions stemming from a critical self defense incident where you are defending yourself, your family, and others if it is justified within that state.

Can my brother and I join under a dual membership?

Our dual memberships require that the members covered are in the same household.  If so, then you can get a dual membership, if not, then you will each need to get a single membership.

Is your cart really secure? I don’t see a lock in the browser?

Different browsers and versions react different ways.  You can test our certificate out by going to http://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html and putting in our site address and cart address.  You may also see the address switch to https:// when you go to the cart, which shows it to be secure.