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Frequently Asked Questions


You are covered for legal force responses in self-defense to life threatening attacks (which includes inside your home, vacation home, RV, hotel room, etc.).  In all 50 states you are covered for physical use of force responses (hands, etc.) and any legal weapon that is not a firearm (includes "weapons of opportunity” like a tire tool, etc.).  In all 50 state where you travel in a vehicle (and transport legally where you have reciprocity) you are covered to defend life threatening attacks (responses to "car jackings”) and in any place within those states in public or private property where you are not required to have a permit and are not trespassing or where it is a misdemeanor or felony charge to simply possess a firearm.  

As it relates to defense using a firearm by a concealed carrier you are covered using a legal firearm where you have a valid permit (includes multiple permits) and covering all states in which you have reciprocity and your permits are honored by another state.  When you do not fire your weapon your “show of force” (pointing a firearm) and “display of force” (displaying you have a firearm) is covered when legal.  That means you are in self-defense and the response is to defend a life-threatening attack (think of situations in which you would be legal if you pulled the trigger).  This means nor doing so just to end an argument, make a pan handler move along or when someone spits on your shoe.  You have to be in a position in which you could use deadly force to point your firearm or display the firearm as a warning or you will be involved in an illegal act and could legitimately be charged.  If you live within a Constitutional Carry state and are not required to have a permit to carry concealed or open carry you are covered within that state only with the "Constitutional Carry" plan.

Example of Brandishing Defined and Penalty in California:

It shall be unlawful for any person to point, hold or brandish any firearm or any air or gas operated weapon or any object similar in appearance, whether capable of being fired or not, in such manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another or hold a firearm or any air or gas operated weapon in a public 

Brandishing a weapon or firearm causing serious bodily injury (PC 417.6(a)): If you intentionally injure someone during the commission of the crime of brandishing a weapon, you may be additionally charged with a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in the county jail, or with a felony, punishable by up to 3 years 
CCW Safe is a legal service membership plan that has a huge membership base in all 50 states and an A+ rating with the BBB.  We have the strongest model, the "Police Union Model" that has been tested and is most similar in resources and response to what active police officers  receive when they are involved in on-duty shootings.  CCW Safe also has the most experienced staff with experts in managing catostrophic litigation, crime scene investigation, use of force investigations, attorney selection, peer support and critical response through the Critical Incident Command System.  
Effective January 1, 2017 CCW Safe established a Captive Insurance Company, called 2A Insurance. You can visit the website 2Ainsurance.com This is exciting news because now every one of CCW Safe's membership are backed by a policy by CCW Safe’s insurance policies with 2A Insurance, but also a re-insurance policy that 2A Insurance purchases through Port Royal Insurance Ltd. SAC. We were able to get this done with no new cost to our members; you do not need to purchase 2A insurance separately.
2A Insurance Company, a Segregated Account of Madison First Property and Casualty, Ltd., is a Captive Insurance Company started by CCW Safe, LLC to provide an "Insuranced-backed" funding mechanism for the payment of claims for covered legal services and related costs and expenses incurred by CCW Safe in defense of its members.  2A Insurance is managed by Hamilton Captive Management.  2A Insurance has further entered into a reinsurance Agreement and Share treaty with port Royal Insurance Company, Ltd. SAC, whereby Port Royal provides reinsurance coverage to 2A Insurance Co. for claims that have potential for heavy cost outlays.  
2A Insurance Company is committed to providing the funding and insurance based financial management infrastructure to make CCW Safe the industry leader in legal services membership plans for the concealed carry community.  CCW Safe is the company with the greatest financial security to finance claims and meet the needs of members.  Creating 2A Insurance solidifies CCW Safe as the clear choice for anyone seeking self-defense legal services coverage.  Any further questions on 2A Insurance Company please contact CCW Safe attention General Counsel Kyle Sweet (support@ccwsafe.com).

As the Primary covered member (Defender Plan with added Civil liability) you are covered for all standard services & benefits that go along with your plan and are locked in with up to a 500k bond with no cap on criminal or civil defense (no cap on attorney retainer) and you added the civil liability so you also have 1 million in dedicated funds for yourself.  This is covered you any place you can legally possess a firearm , in your home and vehicle,  and any private property in which you are not trespassing.  This is for self-defense responses of physical force, any legal weapon where you are defending against a life threatening attack against yourself or another.  At no additional cost your spouse and all children under 18 are covered within the residence only for all legal self-defense responses (including knives and legal shotguns) to life threatening attacks in the home (not against family members, domestic relationships or anyone invited in the home).  Each of your family members are covered for up to a 250k bond at no additional charge.  The family coverage is the same standard services to include but not limited to: Criminal and civil defense, attorney fees, investigative costs, home clean up, counseling and much more. Again the family is not covered outside the home and you must add civil liability coverage for every addition covered member if you choose.

There is no other company in the industry that covers what CCW Safe covers (see full benefits list under Comparisons at top of website)

No.  If you are acting as security for the church, paid or volunteer, then the church would be responsible for covering an incident on their property.  Even if you are part of a volunteer security force or team, you would be acting as their agent.

Will you cover me if I carry into a private business that has no guns allowed signs posted?

You will not be covered in any place where by simply possessing a firearm is against federal or state law.  We require that our members must carry within federal laws and the laws within their state or states they are traveling through.  People have a choice in what they eat, where they shop, etc, and if they disagree with that they can exercise that right by going elsewhere.


Absolutely not.  The Civil liability coverage add-on and withinthe Ultimate Plan is a dedicated 1 million dollars for Civil liability.  This does not change the unlimited and "no cap" on the criminal defense or civil defense of our members.  Our 75 years of collective law enforcement experience provides us insight into the importance of no placing a cap on defense costs.  We pay what is needed to provide the best defense teams in both court proceedings.


  1. CCW Safe is the ONLY legal defense membership service that has actually been put to the ultimate test, funding a member's capital murder defense and providing the resources that literally helped to secure a “Not Guilty” verdict.

-     This is important because you KNOW that CCW Safe has the financial means to support a defense against the worst-case scenario; a Murder charge for a self-defense incident.  With CCW Safe, you know you are investing into a system that has been successful.

-     This is important because you KNOW that CCW Safe hires the most experienced local attorneys for its members and supports the attorneys through the process so they can concentrate on your defense. 

  1. When you call CCW Safe’s multi-line Emergency Call Center you have a full-time (24/7/365) emergency staff dedicated to answering your call for help. These emergency agents are prepared to immediately patch you into a CCW Safe Attorney who is experienced in defending Capital Murder cases and Controversial Self-defense Shooting cases. 

-     This is important because you KNOW that CCW Safe does not have to depend on a “Single Cell phone” system with the possibility of battery life or cell signal issues like its competitors.  A system similar to 911 dispatch center which we are all familiar.

-     This is important because you don’t have to give a complete story without legal privilege to a Critical Case Manager in how some competitors operate; just to be placed on hold so the information can be presented to a lawyer.

  1. CCW Safe’s Experience in Financial Commitment: Understanding how to effectively prepare for, and execute the financial commitment for long-term catastrophic cases is an experience that is vital in providing a defense such as the defense of Stephen Maddox. 

-     This is important because you KNOW that CCW Safe understands the importance of not placing a cap on your defense (criminal or civil).  Any company that does has no idea the true cost of a worst-case scenario case (a murder case).  Other companies present you won’t have out of pocket expenses yet when all of your designated funds are spent to get out of jail on bond and a lawyer retainer then the rest has to come from you

  1. CCW Safe's Experience in Legal Matters:  No self-defense incident is a Second Amendment issue.  What is desperately needed if you are involved in a self-defense shooting and are being charged with a crime, like Stephen was, is an experienced attorney in self-defense cases. When it comes to your freedom, experience is of the utmost importance.  Our National Trial Counsel Don West brings that experience, and the ability to find qualified attorneys to represent our members. 

-     This is important because you KNOW that CCW Safe has an understanding of what is truly needed in such a case and hired one of the best in the nation to secure and manage the most experienced attorneys for your case.

  1. CCW Safe's Experience in Evidentiary Matters:  Being able to understand the evidence, how it is collected, how it is tested, and how it will be presented, is an important fact that the CCW Safe Critical Response Team and National Trial Counsel understands.  Because of our experience in investigations of shootings, of evidence in such cases, and of the role of evidence in a trial, that gives our members a better defense.  

-     This is important because you KNOW that CCW Safe has experts within the organization and are not just a group who acts as liaison between you and the hired attorneys.  We have 75 years of law enforcement experience collectively and our in-house attorneys have almost 50 years of collective experience in criminal defense and civil litigation experience.             

  1. CCW Safe's Experience in Response: Having someone experienced in what you are, and will be going through, is very important.  In fact, it is priceless.  Being certified in peer support, or critical stress response is one thing, but there's no comparison to actually having a face to face with someone who has experience in using deadly force in a self-defense setting.  CCW Safe's critical response team actually responds to the location of our members.  They have all have been personally involved in law enforcement shootings where they were defending themselves.  Some have even been sued in reference to those incidents.

-     This is important because you KNOW that CCW Safe has the only true “Boots on the Ground” response element in the industry.  We knew the members and their family would need more than just help by phone.  It is because we have been involved in hundreds of deadly force encounters and that is not the time to be left alone.  Most citizens would not know how to interact with their attorneys or understand the criminal justice system. 

  1. Unlike the competitors, CCW Safe is not a “wasting policy” and your civil defense costs do not diminish your civil liability protection.

 -    This is important because you KNOW that CCW Safe has dedicated funds for civil liability damages.  Some competitors take any funds used for the criminal and civil defense away from the overall offered civil damage covered.  That is called a “wasting policy”.  You don’t truly have the amount they promise

  1. CCW Safe is the only service that allows you the flexibility to make a plea bargain deal and still have your defense costs paid.  Other services require you to go to trial and to be found completely not guilty to be compensated for the costs of your defense.

 -    This is important because you KNOW that CCW Safe is not like other services that require you to go to trial and to be found completely “not guilty” to be compensated for the costs of your defense.

  1. CCW Safe is designed after the “Police Union” model, which allows for citizens to be treated like victims of a violent encounter instead of a suspect. Its designed to provide similar response, resources and support for citizens following a self-defense shooting that is given to police officers when they are involved in on-duty shootings.

 -    This is important because you KNOW that CCW Safe has experience with the process of interrogations and understand the need to have two sleep cycles before an official interview to be rested so that you have the best opportunity to remember the details of the event.  When these other groups allow you to speak before you are ready you find yourself locked into a “half story”.  This is something that can be attacked during trial as your most accurate story comes later and you may be accused of not telling the truth because it is non consistent with the report you provided on the same day.

  1. CCW Safe covers areas of the process that other companies don’t even think about. We cover court reporters, videographers, jury consultants, social media management consultants, evidence and demonstrative exhibit creation and display in trial prep and throughout trial, medical research, consultant experts who work behind the scenes but won’t testify, personal security in the event of crowd management at a members residence or place of business, temporary housing and relocation services in a high impact public case, mock cross examination prep services for the member in the event they testify, etc. We pay all of these and more.

 When it comes to self-defense coverage there is no better choice than CCW Safe!

The CCW Safe Constitutional Carry Plan was designed to cover a single member who resides in a state designated as a “Constitutional Carry” state (not required by law to possess a valid permit/license to carry concealed and open).  This states include the following and coverage will extend to all future states that adopt the legislation that allows carry (concealed or open) within their state without a carry permit/license: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.


On June 11, 2003, Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski signed House Bill 102 into law, making Alaska the first state to rescind its requirement for a concealed carry permit. The bill eliminated the crime of simply carrying a concealed weapon by changing the definition of the crime. The section of law that describes the first instance of "misconduct involving weapons in the 5th degree" now requires that a person must either fail to inform a law enforcement officer of the weapon upon contact, fail to allow the law enforcement officer to secure the weapon (or to properly secure the weapon him/herself) upon contact, or if at another person's home, fail to obtain permission from a resident to have a concealed weapon on the premises.  The law took effect on September 9, 2003.


On April 16, 2010, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1108 into law. The law eliminated the requirement to obtain a permit in order to carry a concealed weapon in Arizona for U.S. citizens 21 and older. The process to obtain a permit was left in place so that Arizona residents could still obtain permits in order to carry concealed in other states or to carry in a restaurant or bar that serves alcohol.  The law took effect on July 29, 2010.


Prior to August 16, 2013, Arkansas law (§ 5-73-120) prohibited "...carrying a weapon...with a purpose to employ the handgun, knife, or club as a weapon against a person." Among other exceptions, Arkansas law allowed a defense to the charge of carrying of a weapon if "[t]he person is on a journey..." but did not define what constituted a "journey". Another defense permitted an individual to carry a concealed weapon if the person had a valid concealed weapons license. This provision was generally interpreted to prohibit open carry.  On August 16, 2013, Arkansas enacted Act 746. This act made two major changes. First, it statutorily defined a "journey" as "...travel beyond the county in which a person lives..." Because traveling on a journey is one of the defenses to § 5-73-120, a plain reading of the statute would indicate that the prohibition against carrying a weapon would now apply only to a person traveling within their home county. Second, it modified § 5-73-120 to prohibit "...carrying a weapon...with a purpose to attempt to unlawfully employ the handgun, knife, or club as a weapon against a person." Various firearms groups have interpreted this provision to require that the state must now prove that a person actually intends to use a weapon to commit a crime; and without proving this intent, possession of weapons, whether openly or concealed, is now legal.

Idaho (residents only)

Governor Butch Otter signed SB 1389 on March 25, 2016. The bill went into effect on July 1, 2016. SB 1389 does not apply to residents of other states. Non-residents must openly carry or have a permit from another state. SB 1389 also created an avenue for individuals 18–20 years old to obtain concealed carry permits.


SB45 was introduced in the Kansas Senate in early 2015. The bill initially passed the Senate 31-7 on February 26. The bill was sent to the House, amended, and passed 85-39 on March 25. The Senate then concurred, passing the amended bill 31-8 (also on March 25). On April 2, the bill was signed by Governor Sam Brownback and the law became effective on July 1, 2015, establishing constitutional carry in Kansas.  Kansas issues licenses to carry concealed handguns on a shall-issue basis. As of April 2015, over 87,000 current permits are issued. No permit is required to openly carry a firearm. Kansas will continue to issue permits so that Kansas residents may carry in other states that accept Kansas concealed carry permits.


In 2015, LD 652 was a constitutional carry bill that was under consideration by the Maine Legislature. It had 17 co-sponsors in the Senate and 79 co-sponsors in the House. LD 652 was signed into law by Governor Paul LePage on July 8, 2015. It came into effect on October 15, 2015.


As of July 1, 2015, the concealed carry law was amended to say "no license shall be required under this section for a loaded or unloaded pistol or revolver carried in a purse, handbag, satchel, other similar bag or briefcase or fully enclosed case".  On April 15, 2016, the law was further expanded to include belt and shoulder holsters and sheaths.  This effectively allows for constitutional carry in Mississippi. However, some forms of concealed carrying would still require a permit (e.g. Mexican carry or concealed in an ankle holster).


SB 656 allows for permitless concealed carry for anyone 18 years or older who may lawfully own a gun. The bill was passed by the legislature in 2016 but Governor Nixon vetoed it on June 27, 2016. The legislature reconvened for the veto-override session on September 14, 2016. The Senate voted to override the veto with a 24 – 6 vote (23 required) and the House followed through shortly thereafter with a 112 – 41 vote (109 required). The law went into effect on January 1, 2017.

New Hampshire

In early 2017, several senators and representatives introduced New Hampshire Senate Bill 12, which proposed removing the requirement for a license to carry a loaded concealed handgun. The bill also proposed extending the minimum license period from four years to five years, removing the discretionary "suitable person" language from the Pistol/Revolver License law, and directing the state police to pursue reciprocity agreements.  On January 19, it was passed by the New Hampshire Senate by a vote of 13 – 10.  Governor Chris Sununu, who took office in January 2017, expressed support for this bill after the Senate vote, stating, "I am pleased that the State Senate today voted to advance common sense legislation in support of a citizen’s fundamental right to carry a firearm, joining neighboring states throughout the region and across the country."  On February 9, it was passed by the New Hampshire House by a vote of 200 – 97.  Governor Sununu signed the bill into law on February 22, 2017. It took effect immediately.   New Hampshire had made several previous attempts to pass constitutional carry legislation. Bills were introduced in 2011  and 2012, but failed to pass the legislature. Other bills were introduced in 2015 and 2016, and both passed the legislature, but they were later vetoed by Governor Maggie Hassan.  Previously, carrying a concealed handgun unloaded was legal without a license. A New Hampshire Supreme Court decision in 2013 clarified that the law did not prohibit carrying a concealed handgun if it is unloaded and no round is chambered, even if a loaded magazine is nearby.

North Dakota (residents only; concealed carry only)

On March 23, 2017, Governor Doug Burgum signed House Bill 1169. Under its provisions, people carrying concealed without a concealed weapons license will need to carry a form of state-issued photo ID, must be a North Dakota resident for at least 1 year, must inform police about their handgun upon contact, and must not otherwise be prohibited from possessing a firearm by law. Open carry of a loaded handgun and carrying in a vehicle will still require a permit. Non-residents will continue to be required to have a permit recognized by North Dakota to carry openly or concealed. The law went into effect on August 1, 2017.


For many decades, the only state to allow "constitutional carry" of a handgun (i.e. without any government permit) was Vermont. From the formation of the 13 original states, "constitutional carry" was the law in all states until the 19th century. By the 20th century, all states except Vermont had enacted concealed carry bans, with the exemption in most states for those citizens with a permit.  Due to wording in its state constitution and decisions made by the state courts, Vermont has never been able to have a restriction on the method of how one could carry a firearm, and thus, in this regard, Vermont stood entirely separate from the rest of the United States for quite some time.  Because of this, constitutional carry is still sometimes referred to as "Vermont carry".

West Virginia

HB 4145 was passed by the House on February 8, 2016 and Senate on February 22, 2016, but vetoed by Governor Tomblin on March 3, 2016. The House then voted to override the veto on March 4, 2016 and the Senate voted to override on March 5, 2016. The law took effect on May 24, 2016.

Wyoming (residents only)

On March 2, 2011 Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed legislation to allow constitutional carry.  The law officially went into effect on July 1, 2011. Under the law, residents age 21 and older may carry concealed or openly without a permit. Visitors to the state and persons age 18-20 must either have a valid concealed carry permit from a jurisdiction that Wyoming recognizes or carry the weapon openly.  While Wyoming does have the resident limitation it is similar to Vermont in that the police may not disarm a citizen just because they "feel" it's necessary.

Civil defense funds is the total cost and fees associated with a civil trial (preparation and all it takes to make it through the civil trial).  We have always covered the Civil defense.  Civil liability funds are the dedicated funds if the member loses a civil trial and specific to paying the person who has brought forward the civil suit.  We do not cap the criminal defense funds (no limit) so we are able to provide the best civil defense attorneys and team.  

Our Ultimate Plan has a dedicated 1 million dollars for civil liability; all other plans allow the civil liability coverage to be added per member ($220yr or $20month). We did not design a “Wasting Policy” like our competitors where funds are taken away from the million dollars to cover other costs nor is civil liability bundled with the civil defense.

Please visit our terms for details https://ccwsafe.com/page/terms

Yes, we will cover the defense of the civil suit in a self defense shooting.  To be covered for civil damages and liability you must have a plan that covers that area or must have added it to your existing plan (cost per member for coverage).  If you do not have a plan that has civil damage/liability coverage you will be responsible for damages and liabity.  That being said, you are still responsible for every bullet that leaves your gun.  This is the same responsibility that follows law enforcement.  So many people think that law enforcement will fire if threatened, but part of the training is to make sure you are aware of the background.  If you can’t shoot safely, you don’t shoot.  Unless you are highly trained and experienced, you will most likely miss your target even at close range in a high-stress critical situation.  This is why scenario based training, not just range time, is so critical.

Provisional Terms:

Provisional Membership Terms:  There are three types of members covered through "Provisional Terms" and they are Spouses attached to a Dual membership that do not have a valid CCW permit, an individual single member who has passed all the state requirements (background check and training requirements if applicable) who is merely waiting for a permit to arrive and Children under 18 years of age that are covered as a "Familial status" designee.

Provisional Member (Spouse):  The provisional term allows a Spouse ONLY under a Dual membership (who is not a person restricted from possessing a firearm) to receive services as an "Additional Covered Member" in the home, following legal vehicle transport and any place the spouse can legally possess a firearm without needed a CCW permit.  The spouse must reside in the same "Residence Premises" and is covered for all legal weapons and physical force in response to a "Recognized Self-defense Use of Force Incident" following a life-threatening attack.  The “policy term” matching that of the “Covered Member” and is terminated when the “Covered Member” terminates service or service is cancelled by any other means. 

Provisional Member (Children):  All designees under “Familial status” (17 years old or younger) that reside in the same “Residence premises” as the “Covered Member”.  The designees are covered even if they do not have a concealed carry permit and are covered for “Recognized Self-defense Use of Force Incidents” within the “Residence premises” ONLY and is covered for all legal weapons and physical force in response to a "Recognized Self-defense Use of Force Incident" following a life- threatening attack.  The bond for those covered under “Familial status” is up to a 250k bond unless upgraded through covered plan or add-on service cost.  The “policy term” matching that of the “Covered Member” and is terminated when the “Covered Member” terminates service or service is cancelled by any other means. 

Provisional Member (Individual):  The provisional term allows a member to receive services upon completion of a state required background check and concealed carry course (if part of process), with services continuing for up to 4-months to allow member to physically obtain a permit. The provisional term enables a “Covered Member” to receive services anywhere it is legal for member to possess a firearm (home, vehicle, public or private property the “Covered Member” is not trespassing).  If the “Covered Member” under Provisional Terms fails to provide the Company with proof of valid permit 4-months after signing up for service the membership shall be null and void without refund.

Yes.  Members are allowed to take the courses at no additional price.  The free code for members is located in your private member's newsletter so if you opted out please check the "Opt in" box for email notifications and look for the announcement for the class you want to take within the newsletters.  Use the code instead of the paying the payment as there is no fee for you.

Some of the companies in our industry abandon you if you are found guilty or take a plea agreement, or may require you to reimburse the company for any payouts.  CCW Safe does not do either of these and will continue to pay for all of your defense costs if found guilty or take a plea. 

iPhone users can open the welcome email from CCW Safe on their iPhone and simply tap the Passbook image or on the link to Add to Passbook. Passbook is on every iphone and it is an apple app that can't be deleted.  If you cannot find it, you can swipe your home screen to the right and search for Passbook.  Once it opens in Passbook, tap add at the top.  

At the bottom corner of the digital card is a "i" information icon that members can tap to get more information, like the link to our ermergency phone number and terms.  

For Android users, you will need to download the free app Pass Wallet on the Google Play Store.  Click here for the link.  Like on the iPhone, you will need to open your email on your android phone to add to Pass Wallet.  

You can also log into your account at ccwsafe.com and go to My Membership > View Membership and you can email yourself a link to download on your phone. 

You currently have the 129 plan with 250k bond coverage.  Your payment and bond is locked unless you either change plans or allow your payment to stop next year.  The single membership plan does not automatically change to the Defender plan with 500k bond (it has to be purchased as a new product).  If you had the extended bond coverage for the 1 million dollars it would have been grandfathered in and remained locked into that bond.  If the purchase of the defender plan is a new purchase it would be the 500k bond.  In addition all plans are covered with no caps on criminal defense and civil defense.  The only added civil coverage which has to be added on is $220 a year or $20 a month on your existing account if you want the added coverage (for a dedicated 1 million judgement).

Please understand our service for members begins and is initiated following a use of force incident in self-defense.  This is for you or a third party following a legal response to a life threatening attack.  If you are in a place in which it is a misdemeanor or felony to simply possess a firearm you will not be covered.  If it is property in which the owner has the right to deny entry yet it is not a felony or misdemeanor (trespassing charge) to possess a firearm until you are told by a representative to leave said premises you would be covered for a self-defense incident.   

If after being told to leave the premises and you agree and are leaving and the worst case scenario occurs (deadly attack while in the process of leaving) we would cover.  This is not to say test and knowingly challenge a sign.  If you refuse the request to leave and challenge the owner’s right then you will not be covered.  Any gun charge or administrative challenge of your permit that does not follow a self-defense incident is not covered and is the financial responbility of the member and outside the scope of the terms of service.

CCW Safe takes avoidance and de-escalaton very seriously and this is why we teamed up with the Crime & Place developers to present our own version of this app.  Whether at home or traveling in the United States, Crime and Place is an indispensable personal safety tool for gaining visibility to personal and property crime trends, to help you avoid becoming a statistic.  High Crime Area Notifications included 

This app will be presented by us as our version of the App (although functionality is the same).  For those under the Ultimate plan only… CCW Safe will pay the subscription for the Primary (for Single) and Primary with Spouse (for Dual) for one year.  All other members can purchase the app and subscription through our special link.

Features & Settings:


The following settings are available to configure:

Crime Categories
  • Set the default crime category shown after launch (Personal or Property).
  • Change the way individual crime metrics affect the overall crime score for a given category.
Crime Compass
  • Set the default mode shown after launch (Heading or Course).
  • Set the maximum range of the Crime Compass.
  • Allows you to receive notifications when entering a high risk area (requires user permissions).
  • Set whether notifications should only take place when the application is in the background.
  • Determine the threshold at which a notification should take place.
My Crime Reference
  • Allows you to display a secondary reference score on the Map screen. The national average will be used by default.
  • To enter a description and address for the secondary reference score, turn off 'Use National Average'.
  • The grid resolution is an advanced setting that allows you to modify the resolution of the heat map in an effort to increase accuracy on newer devices, or processing speed on older devices.
  • When taking snapshots to save or share, GPS coordinates can be hidden from appearing in the image heading.

Customizable - Calibrate data to suit your needs.

Change the weighting of different crime types, set up notifications when entering high crime areas, and much more. Crime and Place can alert you when you leave your comfort zone.

Map Overlay - A fully interactive crime heat map with GPS tracking.

Search points of interest or addresses for crime data, or drop a pin on the map to verify that your next stop won't be an unexpected high crime area.

Map Overlay

The Map Overlay displays crime data as a fully interactive heat map with GPS tracking indicating your current location.

The map may be panned, rotated, and zoomed in or out while continuously displaying crime data for different geographies. A long press drops a custom pin displaying full crime metrics for that location.

The data below the map displays scores for each crime metric, in addition to the overall Personal or Property crime score for the current location. Users may also configure a reference score (e.g. My house) to display in this area (see the Settings section below for more information).

The search bar may be used to seek out addresses or points of interest. In each case, a color coded annotation will be added to the map to quickly display the level of crime at the sought location. Touching on an annotation will display the full set of metrics.

Similar to built-in Apple Maps functionality, the arrow shaped button at the top left of the screen can be used to toggle whether, and how the map follows the user’s current location.

Crime Compass Quickly see your surroundings as you move.

A unique color coded view that updates dynamically as you move. Inner and outer concentric rings show short and longer range crime hotspots, allowing you to steer clear of dangerous areas before you find yourself somewhere unsafe.

The Crime Compass is a unique color coded view that allows you to quickly see your surroundings as you move, and updates dynamically using a combination of the device's GPS and internal compass hardware.

Inner and outer concentric rings show short-range and longer-range crime hotspots respectively. The maximum range can be configured from the Settings screen, with each of the two rings displaying half the specified range.

The overall Personal or Property crime score and level for the current location, with a color scale showing the full range of scores.

Switch between the device’s internal compass heading (“Heading mode”), or GPS course (“Course mode”). Heading mode is more natural when the device is handheld, and Course mode is a better choice when riding in a vehicle or moving quickly.

Users with sufficient screen real estate (iPhone 6 and higher) will be able to switch directly between Personal crime and Property crime views, while other users can make this change from the Settings screen.

Take a snapshot of the current screen, then save or share it conveniently. The circular arrow icon can be used to manually refresh data if necessary.

CCW Safe is known for being the leading company in this area of coverage due to our experience level and adaptable benefits and servivces.  A few years ago (2013) we were the first to show the need for the standard bond to be 250k covered.  Since then one of our members was unfortunate enough to go through a 2 week murder trial; the first in the industry.  Being familiar with the criminal justice system we knew covering a 250k bond was plenty for a straight forward self-defense shooting case (home invasion, car jacking, robbery, etc.).  The Maddox Case proved that a questionable shooting in which a murder charge is the allegation allows for the judge to attach a higher bond.  We already had a plan that would covered up to a 1 million dollar yet felt we should move the standard bond to 500k bond so we know our members are prepared for the worst case scenario.  We thought ahead so not to set our members up for undue stress because of the financial strain caused by an elevated bond (1 million dollar bond upgrade is still available).  Those that have the 250k bond prior to 11/27/2017 will be allowed to keep it if they choose to or upgrade upon their renewal.  We will just no longer present the lower bond as an option for new members.

Our service revolves around being legal.  The obvious is not being involved in criminal acts (robbery, etc.), not being in possession of an illegal firearm or weapon, and not being in posession of a firearm as a prohibited person.  This also includes carrying a firearm legally and not in a place where it is a felony or misdemeanor crime to simply possess a firearm or carry a firearm in that place by Federal or State law.  The question always comes up about challenging "No Gun Signs" or "Gun Free Zones".  Each state has different laws so please know the law in your state.
CCW Safe has a restriction of service where to receive service you must not be in a place (private property not of your own) where you are trespassing.  In the case of "No Gun signs" we suggest to avoid challenging the business that has one putting yourself in a position to possibly be charged without being involved in a use of force; as that would be outside of your coverage and the consequnces and financial responsibility of that arrest would be on the member.  
If you are in a state and within the law, in reference to carrying on private property, the business owner is allowed to place a sign at the entrance yet a representative has to tell you to leave the premises or be arrested for trespassing you will be covered if there is the need to respond in self defense for you or another in defense of a life threatening incident (without being told to leave). If you are told to leave and refuse then you are accepting the trespassing charge and you will not be covered for your incident. If you agree to leave and have the worst-case scenario and have to defend your life or that of another, as you are leaving, you would be covered. 
Like any other similar company we have a claims process. We do not deny many claims. In our experience people who get a permit, seek training, and buy coverage are responsible and make informed decisions. So we would need the applicable law and all the facts of the case to make a decision. The sign may or may not have a significant bearing on the decision.

Great question, because other companies claim to provide emergency managers and critical incident personnel.  CCW Safe is the only company that provides Peer Support personnel that have experienced similar situations involving shootings and deadly force; and understand what you will be going through.  Providing immediate peer support is one of the most critical things to help you survive one of the worse incidents you may experience in your life.  Peer support for you and your family is and should be a long term process, and CCW Safe continues this service from your first call and through the end of trial.

The Firearm Theft coverage is extended for the Ultimate Plan members only.  This coverage is designed to cover the theft of the legal primary concealed carry firearm within the policy period. The replacement shall be for the same make and calibre at the standard market value of the firearm stolen.  This policy does not extend to cover any other stored or collected firearm owned by the Primary Covered member in the home or other storage location.

We are all former LEOs.  You will need to Place in the designated fields "State", “CCW License” and “HR218” any information that shows your status and send a copy of retired ID to support@ccwsafe.com for verification of status.

Information needed:

[STATE RETIRED FROM] for “state"

[NAME OF AGENCY] for “CCW License”


Please know that those carrying under HR218 must be active LEO or meet the definition of "Qualified Retired Law Enforcement Officers" under the LEOSA requirements.  The restrictions (those who are not covered) are listed in the terms of service under "Restrictions..."

No.  We do not provide a list of attorneys in specific areas, so the attorneys we hire are not forced to deal with general inquiry questions.  They each have their own firms and bill individuals a fee for all calls. We do not pay for the personal attorneys of members that have not been professionally vetted and researched by our National Trial Counsel Don West (ensuring they have lengthy experience in state and federal self-defense cases and are respected by local law enforcement and judicial personnel).  

Your attorney may personally request to be added to our list of approved attorneys by sending an email to support@ccwsafe.com.

We no longer send out plastic membership cards automatically to our members.  You can download our digital membership card that can be placed on your smartphone.  You can also print out your membership card from your account under "My Membership".   Plastic waterproof laminated cards are available on request by sending your name and email to david@ccwsafe.com, or by calling our support line at 855-639-2297 and leave a message with for a Account Specualist.  We now have the thin metal membership cards for purchase at our store (CCW Safe Store ).  

No, we hire the most appropriate local attorney experienced in shooting, murder and self-defense cases, and we pay each one their regular rate of pay.  None of the attorneys used are paid a discounted rate.  You don’t need someone doing on-the-job training with your life on the line.  There is a plethora of information on our website with videos that explain the standards we hold the attorneys to that are hired for your case. All criminal defense attorneys are professionally selected, vetted and interviewed by National Trial Counsel, Don West.  Don distinguished himself as one of the lead counsel for George Zimmerman in one of the most significant self-defense case in U.S. History.

For a civil suit, our civilian attorneys are chosen for the specific issues arising from the incident and come from the ranks of DRI, Defense Research Institute. DRI is the most prestigious civil defense lawyers organization in the country.  Our civil defense attorneys are personally selected by our General counsel, Kyle Sweet. Kyle has a national practice representing insurance companies and their insureds in catastrophic litigation. Kyle has significant experience managing lawyers in complex multi-district litigation and that experience is based on the model that we hire the best lawyers because they get the best results for our members.

If you would like to submit an attorney to be considered for our services, please send information to support@ccwsafe.com 

You are covered in all 50 states following a life threatening attack any place you can legally possess a firearm (home, vehicle, business, open carry, state training facility, etc.) Otherwise you are covered where you have a valid permit(s) or a state that honors the permit(s) through reciprocity. The same coverage applies if you use any legal weapon other than a firearm, such as a weapon of opportunity (tire tool, hands, brick, etc.) and weaponless defense to the life threatening attack. No weapons that are illegal by state or federal law shall be covered.

CCW Safe will pay the Bail agent fee up to 10% of a $250,000.00 bond for all members at no additional cost (standard plan).  Under the additional bond coverage plan we will pay the Bail agent fee up to 10% of a $1 million dollar bond. We DO NOT pay the remainder of the bond cost (90%). The member must make the agreement with the bondsmen, if required. We would facilitate the bail and pay the premium (bail fee to get you out of jail). So, on a $100,000.00 bond it would be CCW Safe’s responsibility to pay up to a $10,000 Bond agent fee. The rest of that bond, if required, would be secured by collateral from the member.  Please understand that collateral is not always required to be paid.  Unless you are seen as a flight risk or have past criminal history, bond collateral may not be needed.

CCW Safe covers any and all of your legal defense costs with no caps, including civil defense trials.  We do not cover any damages awarded from a the criminal trial or judgments during the civil trial.  We know that a lot of the other companies in this industry use the civil suit as a scare tactic.  It just doesn’t happen as much as they make you believe, as they are rare.  Many states indemnify you from any civil trials if you are cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.  Yes, people might be able to file a lawsuit but when they are presented to a civil judge, they are eventually dismissed.  This is a scare tactic used in our industry and most of these companies have policies in place to deny you civil coverage if you are found guilty during the criminal proceedings.  With CCW Safe if you are found guilty or are forced to take a plea because of a bad decision to use your weapon, we do not leave you hanging.  We take on the next fight for you (an Appeal or Civil trial) at no additional costs and without forcing you to reimburse the criminal defense funds. 

George Zimmerman was not sued in civil court and it is arguably the most publicized case in U.S. history involving self-defense.  Don’t let this scare you into thinking it is going to happen to you if you have to use self-defense to defend a life threatening attack please protect yourself.  CCW Safe will not leave you hanging like the others.  It just doesn’t happen these days.  

Please take a look at this link:  http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/07/self-defense-immunity-laws-which-states-protect-you-best/

Our terms of service can be found at https://ccwsafe.com/page/terms or under the Membership selection on the top menu bar.

The Dual Plan covers the Primary Covered Member and the Spouse/Domestic Partner who live under the same roof (by marraige or common law).  Each must have a valid CCW permit or license from one of the 50 states.  There is a Provisional exception for a spouse (legal husband or wife only) in which they can be covered without a permit in the home, car and any legal place you may posses a firearm without a permit.  Starting 11/15/17 the LE/Military servicemen will be able to add a spouse during the checkout process.  At this time a LE/Military couple you must join under the regular Dual Membership, which offers a discount very close to the price of purchasing 2 military/LE memberships.

This coverage is for OFF-Duty incidents where the member is not performing any security type functions for pay or volunteer services.  To qualify for the LE plan, you must be a commissioned peace officer, local, state or federal, with the full-time powers of arrest and the ability to carry a firearm under your commissioned status 24/7.  Those active officers are only covered for off-duty self-defense incidents in response to a life threatening attack.  Active officers must place the information of their agency state, name of agency and their commission/badge number in the space provided on the website for "permit/license and HR218" information.   

If retired LE, you must be able to show support documentation and be carrying under LEOSA or with a CCW permit. 

The following occupations DO NOT qualify for the plan and must join under the standard plan: EMTs, Firemen, Emergency workers that are not LE, Correction Officers (that are not under LEOSA), Security guards, Paid or Volunteer Security officers, Bond Agents, Body Guards, Firearms Instructors, or any other person that does not fall under the definition of "Qualified law enforcement officer" through federal LEOSA guidelines.

To qualify for the military plan, you must be active duty, retired after 20 years or medically retired from a service related injury and provide supporting documentation.  The requirements had to closely meet the requirements of law enforcement therefore veterans who are not active in service with less than 20-year retirement must join under the special code created in partnership with Larry Vickers.  In appreciation of all those who have served this company all veterans and those who were "Honorably Discharged" from services can join by using the code usavets upon checkout.  Supporting documents of honorable discharge shall be emailed to support@ccwsafe.com after joining.  Special thanks to our friend Larry Vickers and all the veterans that served this great country.  

Please scroll to the bottom of the front page and click the button to go through Larry Vicker's Special Link. 

Once you join CCW Safe, you will immediately be covered upon successful payment.  You will receive an email with a link to your new digital membership card. If you have a Spouse sharing your account member please add them by inviting them sending to a separate email address (email addresses cannot be shared).  Your digital membership card can be added to your Apple or Google wallet on your phone.  , or you can print a copy out.  We do not send out plastic cards anymore.  We will send Waterproof laminated cards by request only.  Send your request and how you want your name displayed to the Accounts Manager David Darter (david@ccwsafe.com) or by calling our support line at 855-639-2297 and leave a message with for a Account Specialist.  We now have the thin metal membership cards for purchase at our store (CCW Safe Store ).  Your digital membership card has a scan code that will soon offer our members discounts and coupons for local gun ranges and go toward training classes.  You will need to "Opt In" to text and newsletter notifications to recieve the discounts and coupons, which can be done under your account profile.  

Make note of the Emergency Number and save it to your contacts separately to your phone.  If the emergency number is not displayed on the front of the digital card you can find it by clicking the information icon "(i)" on the bottom corner of the digital membership card.  It will bring up a screen with our emergency call center and you can dial by tapping on the number.  The emergency call center is available to our members 24 hours a day, and is ONLY to be used for emergencies.

Upon calling the emergency call center, you will immediately be patched through to an attorney, who will advise you on what steps to take next, and will initiate the critical response team.  If there has been a shooting or deadly use of force, our critical response team will be activated and respond to your location.  Response times vary based on your location, however, in the past we have had boots on the ground within hours.  

Our members will also receive access to members only content on the site in the near future.   Please stay informed and engage on our social media (Facebook, Youtube, etc.).  Weekly information is shared through our newsletter and is archieved on the "News" section on our website.

All Ultimate Plan members are automatically enrolled in the "Ultimate Member Club" and shall receive a special package to include: 

Double Reward/Loyalty points and half price on metal cards.  Up to 2 challenge coins (with the emerncy number on them), 2 t-shirts, and two Crime & Place App subscriptions covered (depending on single or plan including Spouse).

You can print the "Terms of Service" at any time from the website.  

In the event of a critical self defense incident, you would call the CCW Safe emergency hotline number located on your digital card or your requested plastic card.  You would call this number, 1-800-508-0450, in a critical self-defense incident ONLY (a use of force involving death or injury, an arrest following threat of deadly force without injury,etc.).  If it is a non-emergency incident, please call 855-639-2297 (24/7).

 CCW Safe will charge $75 for false reports, “test” calls, and other abuses of the 24-hour hotline number. The 24-hour member hotline number is forwarded to multiple people, including multiple attorneys, investigators and administrative personnel. Abuses to the 24-hour member hotline can result in suspension of service.

After you login to your CCW Safe account, you will see your profile details under My Account on the top menu bar, and then selecting My Profile.  On your profile page you can update your personal information, your password, and you can opt in or out of our newsletter and text message notifications.  

Under My Account, you can view your subscription and your membership cards.

Under My Subscriptions, you can see your active subscription (automatic payment) information and expiration date.  

Under My Memberships, you can see your membership card and you can generate a link to be sent to your email in order to add to your Apple, Android, or Google Wallet, or to print a copy.  If you have any trouble, please contact one of our account specialists at the main office number (405-771-0705) or support@ccwsafe.com.  During business hours (M-F 8AM to 5PM CST) email is the fastest way to contact us.  Expect all after hours non-emeregency requests through email and voicemail to be answered the next business day. 

There are many things that can cause your membership payment to fail.  Your credit card may have expired, your billing address may not match the address where your credit card is registered to, you may have received a new chip card, you may have changed your subscription to on hold or cancelled, your bank may have put a hold on your card due to what they think may be fraudulent activity, etc…  Please keep your payment methods updated so that your automatic renewals will complete without a failure.  If there is not a valid payment method on file or the automatic renewal fails for one of the above reasons, we will email you about your payment failure. 

Yes, you can upgrade to the additional bond of up to $1 million at any time during your membership.  CCW Safe will give you a pro-rated refund from your original membership and assist in the upgrade process, if needed.  Contact our support department at support@ccwsafe.com if you choose to do this so that we can ensure the upgrade and the pro-rated refund is completed properly.

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