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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions, or feel free to search:


There are many things that can cause your membership payment to fail.  Your credit card may have expired, your billing address may not match the address where your credit card is registered to, you may have received a new chip card, your may have changed your subscription to on hold or cancelled, your bank may have put a hold on your card due to what they think may be fraudulent activity, etc…  Please keep your payment methods updated so that your automatic renewals will complete without a failure.

Yes, we will cover you in a self defense shooting.  That being said, you are still responsible for every bullet that leaves your gun.  This is the same responsibility that follows law enforcement.  So many people think that law enforcement will fire if threatened, but part of the training is to make sure you are aware of the background.  If you can’t shoot safely, you don’t shoot.  Unless you are highly trained and experienced, you will most likely miss your target even at close range in a high stress critical situation.  This is why scenario based training, not just range time, is so critical.

The Dual Plan covers two people living under the same roof who both have a valid CCW permit or license from one of the 50 states.  There is a Provisional exception for a spouse (legal husband or wife only) in which they can be covered without a permit in the home, car and any legal place to posses a firearm without a permit.  There is not a dual plan that covers LE/Military servicemen and spouse.  You must join under the regular Dual Membership, which offers a discount very close to the price of purchasing 2 military/LE memberships.

Great question, because other companies claim to provide emergency managers and critical incident personnel.  CCW Safe is the only company that provides Peer Support personnel that have experienced similar situations involving shootings and deadly force; and understand what you will be going through.  Providing immediate peer support is one of the most critical things to help you survive one of the worse incidents you may experience in your life.  Peer support for you and your family is and should be a long term process, and CCW Safe continues this service from your first call and through the end of trial.

No, we hire the most appropriate local attorney experienced in shooting and self-defense cases, and we pay each one their regular rate of pay.  None of the attorneys used are paid a discounted rate.  You don’t need someone doing on-the-job training with your life on the line.  There is a plethora of information on our website with videos that explain the standards we hold the attorneys that are hired for your case. All criminal defense attorneys are professionally selected, vetted and interviewed by National Trial Counsel, Don West.  Don distinguished himself as one of the lead counsel for George Zimmerman in the most famous self defense case in U.S. History.

For a civil suit, our civilian attorneys are chosen for the specific issues arising from the incident and come from the ranks of DRI, Defense Research Institute. DRI is the most prestigious civil defense lawyers organization in the U.S. Our civil defense attorneys are personally selected by our General counsel, Kyle Sweet. Kyle has a national practice representing insurance companies and their insureds in large catastrophic litigation. Kyle has significant experience managing lawyers in complex multi-district litigation and that experience is based on the model that we hire the best lawyers because they get the best results for our members.

If you would like to submit an attorney to be considered for our services, please send information to support@ccwsafe.com 

You are covered in all 50 states following a life threatening attack any place you can legally possess a firearm (home, vehicle, business, open carry, state training facility, etc.). The same coverage applies if you use any legal weapon other than a firearm, such as a weapon of opportunity (tire tool, hands, brick, etc.) and weaponless defense to the life threatening attack. If an uninvolved person is injured during your legal use of deadly force CCW Safe will still provide coverage but you need to understand that you are still accountable for each bullet that leaves your firearm.  Otherwise you are covered where you have a valid permit(s) or a state that honors the permit(s) through reciprocity.

After you login to your CCW Safe account, you will see your profile page.  On your profile page you can update your personal information, your password, and you can opt in or out of our newsletter and text message notifications.  

Under My Account, you can view your subscription and your membership cards.

Under My Subscriptions, you can see your active subscription information and expiration date.  

Under My Memberships, you can see your membership card and you can generate a link to be sent to your email in order to add to your Apple or Google Wallet, or to print a copy.  If you have any trouble, please contact support at support@ccwsafe.com.  During business hours (M-F 8AM to 10PM CST) email is the fastest way to contact us.  

No.  If you are acting as security for the church, paid or volunteer, then the church would be responsible for covering an incident on their property.  Even if you are part of a volunteer security force or team, you would be acting as their agent.

Will you cover me if I carry into a private business that has no guns allowed signs posted?

We require that our members must carry within federal laws and the laws within their state or states they are traveling through.  People have a choice in what they eat, where they shop, etc, and if they disagree with that they can exercise that right by going elsewhere.


CCW Safe will pay the Bail agent fee up to 10% of a $250,000.00 bond for all members at no additional cost.  Under the additional bond coverage plan we will pay the Bail agent fee up to 10% of a $1 million dollar bond. We DO NOT pay the remainder of the bond cost (90%). The member must make the agreement with the bondsmen, if required. We would facilitate the bail and pay the premium (bail fee to get you out of jail). So, on a $100,000.00 bond it would be CCW Safe’s responsibility to pay up to a $10,000 Bond agent fee. The rest of that bond, if required, would be secured by collateral from the member.  Please understand that collateral is not always required to be paid.  Unless you are seen as a flight risk or have past criminal history, bond collateral may not be needed.

To qualify for the military plan, you must be active duty, retired after 20 years or medically retired from a service related injury and provide supporting documentation.

To qualify for the LE plan, you must be a commissioned peace officer, local, state or federal, with the full-time powers of arrest and the ability to carry a firearm under your commissioned status 24/7.  If retired LE, you must be able to show support documentation and be carrying under LEOSA or with a CCW permit. The following occupations DO NOT qualify for the plan: EMTs, Firemen, Emergency workers that are not LE, Correction Officers, Security guards, Veterans less than 20 years military service, Paid or Volunteer Security officers, Bond Agents, Body Guards, Firearms Instructors, or any other person that does not fall under the definition of law enforcement officer or military service personnel.

No.  We do not provide a list of attorneys in specific areas, so the attorneys we hire are not forced to deal with general inquiry questions.  They each have their own firms and bill CCW Safe for all calls. We do not pay for the personal attorneys of members that have not been professionally vetted and researched by our National Trial Counsel Don West (ensuring they have lengthy experience in state and federal self-defense cases and are respected by local law enforcement and judicial personnel).  Your attorney may request to be added to our list of approved attorneys by sending an email to mailto:support@ccwsafe.com.

CCW Safe covers any and all of your legal defense costs with no caps, including civil defense trials.  We do not cover any damages awarded from a civil trial.  We know that a lot of the other companies in this industry use the civil suit as a scare tactic.  It just doesn’t happen, and it is very rare.  Many states indemnify you from any civil trials if you are cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.  Yes, people might be able to file a lawsuit but when you look at them, they are eventually dismissed.  This is a scare tactic used by our industry.  George Zimmerman, the most publicized case in history on self defense, wasn’t sued.  Don’t let this scare you into thinking it is going to happen to you if you have to use self defense to protect yourself.  It just doesn’t happen these days.  Please take a look at this link:  http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/07/self-defense-immunity-laws-which-states-protect-you-best/

Once you join CCW Safe, you will immediately recieve an email with a link to your new digital membership card.  Your digital membership card can be added to your Apple or Google wallet on your phone, or you can print a copy out.  Your membership card has a scan code that will soon offer our members discounts and coupons for local gun ranges and toward training classes.  You will need to Opt In to text and newsletter notifications to recieve the discounts and coupons, which can be done under your account profile.  

On the bottom corner of the digital membership card, you can tap on the information icon which will bring up a screen with our emergency call center and you can dial by tapping on the number.  The emergency call center is available to our members 24 hours a day, and is only to be used for emergencies.  Upon calling the emergency call center, you will immediately be patched therough to an attorney, who will advise you on what steps to take next, and will initiate the critical response team.  If there has been a shooting or deadly use of force, our critical response team will be activated and respond to your location.  Response times vary based on your location, however, in the past we have had boots on the ground within hours.  

Our members also recieve access to members only content on the site.   

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