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Civil Liability Add On Coverage

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This add-on is only available for annual plan members.

Civil Liability Coverage is now available for new and existing CCW Safe members. The annual cost for the coverage is $220 per year per member. Unlike most, if not all plans out there, CCW Safe's coverage is a dedicated $1 million for civil judgement.  This means that the cost of a civil trial, which could easily be $500,000 or more, will NOT be deducted from the civil liability coverage plan. Your CCW Safe membership will cover any trial costs. You must currently have a CCW Safe membership plan to add this coverage, and you must keep both subscriptions active for coverage. CCW Safe covers members in all states, except in the states of NJ and WA; NY only allows coverage for law enforcement.  No other plans can be purchased by residents of New Jersey or Washington.  See the terms of the civil liability in the terms at  

Civil Damage coverage up to $1 million dollars provides coverage for the Primary member ONLY (additional civil liability coverage must be added per member). If a Covered Member has a civil liability coverage plan, or if a Covered Member has added the coverage to a plan prior to the Recognized Self-Defense Use of Force Incident, only then will the Covered Member be covered for up to $1,000,000 if not outside of coverage restrictions. Covered Member acknowledges that this is not an insurance product. Covered Member understands that this is a services agreement, therefore, any monetary judgments or fines rendered against a member, who does not have a plan that includes civil liability coverage, is the responsibility of the Covered Member. This plan is non-transferrable.

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